Client Testimonials

Here are just a few reasons you should work with Emilia and the CGA team.

Michael Furlong, Co-Founder, CEO, Indio Technologies.

Emilia is the best CS leader I’ve ever encountered. She helped Indio implement significant structure and process into our CS organization in a very short period of time. She worked on the ground with our CSM reps while also building high-level material and implementing process around Salesforce. In addition to helping us with our CS playbook, she’s also given us a blueprint of how we need to scale the organization into the future. Emilia will be a tremendous value-add to any organization she works with.

Paige Drews, Head of Sales, Empowering commercial insurance agencies.

I worked with Emilia at Indio Technologies. She came in as a strategic consultant to build the customer success team and programs from Sales to Customer Success alignment and onboarding to the Expansion and Renewal Programs. Emilia set up the Success team in Salesforce and automated reports, pro-active customer management in the platform and a training and support program to better drive customer adoption of the platform. Emilia understands customer needs, technology to drive growth and is a great executive cross-functional partner. I would recommend her to any company who wants to take their organization to the next level of growth across operations and customer success.


Ken Wohl – Growth, Marketing & Audience Development, Head Of Marketing – Indio Technologies Inc.

Emilia is absolutely brilliant when it comes to CS and brings an incredible amount of experience. She implements processes that scale with high growth organization, yet will roll her sleeves up and help a team get even the most tedious of tasks done if that’s what it takes. The things I’ve learned from working closely with Emilia are priceless and will impact how I approach challenges far beyond Customer Success.

Jared Garrett, Leader, Speaker, & Consultant in Instructional Design, Manager Training, and Learning Solutions at Amazon. June 2, 2018.

I had the opportunity to work with Emilia while I was implementing WalkMe for my learners at Amazon. She was the VP of Customer Engagement and she was instrumental in building the relationship between WalkMe and Amazon. More than that, though, she coordinated two spectacular events that helped build customer awareness and provided an opportunity to form useful relationships among leaders in training strategy. The digital transformation event in Seattle gave us an opportunity to have a meeting of the minds as well as broaden exposure for our businesses and brands. Additionally, the customer event at Dreamforce was geared perfectly for customers. Passing traffic was able to engage with the brand and learn as much as they wanted, seeing the power of WalkMe as implemented by partner brands. She coordinated speakers and presentation, arranging everything from top to bottom. As a speaker at that event, I was well taken care of and was impressed by Emilia’s professionalism and attention to detail. Since then, Emilia has become a trusted friend due to her genuine warmth. I can’t think of a more professional and capable customer experience professional.

Jerry McCreary, Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Professional. May 18, 2018.

I have been working closely with Emilia for over 10 years. Initially, Emilia was the Customer Success Manager at Jobvite and I was an Implementation Consultant. To no surprise, Emilia quickly moved into a leadership position while we worked together and progressed into an executive role. Emilia is more than an expert in Customer Engagement and Customer Success. Emilia is driven and works to continuously innovate in her field. Personally, I have leveraged Emilia’s executive coaching, specifically on social media marketing for my own personal practice in HR strategy. I would recommend Emilia to any organization interested in building and refining their customer success and engagement programs. Emilia is a valuable resource for a company or an executive.

Maura Goicochea, MBA, CCXP, Customer Success Growth |Customer Experience Strategy |Partner Programs, Cisco. May 14, 2018.

I had the pleasure to have a 1×1 coaching session with amazing Emilia Maria. She not only helped me with refining my resume and LinkedIn profile but also with connecting me with great people within her network. Emilia is very professional, smart and a very caring individual that motivates you to reach your potential.

Shivani Patel, Customer Success Manager. April 2, 2018, Shivani is a client.

Emilia is a kind, professional and complete superstar when it comes to Customer Success! I reached out to her while interviewing for new CSM roles and she made sure to get back to me right away. She was thorough in her feedback, provided concrete examples and made sure I felt comfortable before ending our conversations. She provided resources and suggestions on things to look up which I really appreciated and even sent me warm words of encouragement the morning of my interview! If you’re looking to consult with someone in the Customer Success industry, look no further, Emilia is your girl!

Gosia Rios, Manager, Customer Success Team. March 29, 2018.

I had a pleasure to work alongside with Emilia at Jobvite where she inspired me to move from Human Resource to Customer Success in SaaS. Thanks to Emilia my love affair with this industry continues and I find it more interesting every day. Even though Emilia moved on from Jobvite to other opportunities our professional relationship grew stronger. She has always been my trusted adviser and mentor on how to grow and effectively manage teams as well as how to tackle topics like customers‘ retention or hand-off processes from implementation or sales. She not only helped me to do my job well, she stayed in tune with the direction I wanted to take my career next. She is a great listener and she knows the Customer Success career paths inside out. She has been on both sides of the recruiting table many times. Wherever you are in your career now, if you are working on sharpening your skills to be more effective in your current role or looking for a change I highly recommend to talk to Emilia who will enlighten you with her ideas!

Samma Hafeez, Vice President, March 18, 2018.

Emilia has been my active mentor since 2013 when we first started working together. She is extremely knowledgeable and authentically experienced in the field of Customer Success. Her wisdom, insight, and coaching have sharpened by personal management skills over the years and provided me with several moments of clarity in challenging times. She is a passionate, kind-hearted, service-oriented, and humble leader who lives out her values and is always willing to lend a hand. If you ever have an opportunity to work with Emilia in any capacity, consider yourself fortunate and take advantage of her wits.

Lorna Henri, Global VP, Customer Success, and Support at App Annie. December 21, 2016.

I have worked with Emilia for several years both at BrightEdge as well as her role as VP, Customer Success at Walk Me. Emilia is an outstanding leader and manager. She readily identifies areas to use technology to scale and improve processes. While at BrightEdge she designed our end-to-end onboarding process and then gathered feedback from customers so that we were continually improving our performance. She also designed and led our webinar program. Emilia has managed large teams and also been a high performing individual contributor in a number of successful start-ups. I highly recommend Emilia — any company is lucky to hire her and would be delighted to work with her again.

Irv Naar, West Penn Allegheny Health Systems, Talent Acquisition Consultant. November 11, 2013.

Emilia is outstanding in everything she does and an extremely sincere person who has the best interest of the customer at heart. Her excellence is augmented with exceptional product knowledge and attention to detail.

Catherine Card, Facebook, Deeply-experienced mastery of the customer experience. January 2, 2008.

Emilia D’Anzica proved herself as a valuable asset to the Red Envelope organization in her detailed, accurate work and her commitment, but I found it even more valuable that she was constantly trying to improve herself and widen her skills and experience. She earned her PMP outside of work time on her own initiative. She consistently volunteered to take on assignments that would further her ability to understand the business while still completing her assigned tasks. She’s the kind of employee managers fight to keep on their teams.

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