Three Podcasts with #HelpingSells Radio


Photo by Jason Rosewell

I am always game to speak on #HelpingSells Radio,  brought to you by Service Rocket! Sarah and Bill are so talented and a pleasure to connect with on employee and customer training, success and support.

Here are three episodes I had the honor of being featured – Thank you, Bill & Sarah, for having me back as your first repeat guest!

Ep. 79 | Emilia D’Anzica Help Customers Learn by Teaching Less

In this episode, I talk about my new consulting company, customer education, common mistakes start-ups make when building customer success teams and more. I also turned the tables and interview the host, Bill Cushard! He talks about his new book which focuses on Agile Marketing.

Ep. 48 | Emilia D’Anzica of WalkMe is Back to Tell CSMs to Lead Customers to Success

The session focusses on how customer success managers need to and take the leadership role in the customer experience.

Ep. 15 | Gainsight Pulse Conference 2016 Special Edition

This session focusses on Pulse 2016 with a compilation of thoughts from leaders in Customer Success. An honor to be on the show!

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