Accelerating and Scaling Customer Success in SaaS

In my latest blog, published on Vanilla Forums, I talk about how your customers are the key avenue for growth. How do you scale from one to many? You can learn more about the voice-of-customer and how to leverage customer communities to build stronger customer relationships, increase revenue and convert prospects. You can read theContinue reading “Accelerating and Scaling Customer Success in SaaS”

Rebuilding Your Customer Success Foundation

Recently, several companies have reached out to me to help them rebuild their customer success programs. Customer needs change, technology changes and your team & services need to keep up. This type of work is always rewarding for me. Since so many companies are struggling with this question, I decided to write a blog onContinue reading “Rebuilding Your Customer Success Foundation”

Building a ProACTive Customer Success Team [Video + Presentation]

Dave Blake, Founder of ClientSuccess, invited me to speak at the inaugural #CS100Summit in 2016. I shared my story from the trenches at WalkMe. You can find the presentation and video below. Driving proactive customer strategies involves 3 major components: Proactive Customer Strategies Presentation Video Recording  

Managing Critical Hand-Offs in SaaS [Presentation]

I had the honor to speak at Pulse 2016 with Karen Pisha and Chad Horenfedlt. We agreed that establishing a working relationship between customer success and sales is essential for effective customer interaction. Communication, automation, and monitoring the transactions are all key component for smooth transitions and collaboration. Here is our presentation that we shared. ManagingContinue reading “Managing Critical Hand-Offs in SaaS [Presentation]”

How to Scale Customer Success in a V2MOM Framework [Presentation]

I spoke at SuccessCon in Seattle recently and shared how I have scaled teams. Creating a team or plan requires a framework that executives can run with, and then one that customers and employees can resonate with. By framing your goals into a V2MOM, explaining your goals in terms of Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, andContinue reading “How to Scale Customer Success in a V2MOM Framework [Presentation]”

When the Premium Customer Experience isn’t so ‘Premium’

I may be especially sensitive to customer experiences because I work in the field & hence why this story I am about to share is so startling. It brought back all the stories I read in Jeanne Bliss’ book, “Would you do that to your Mother.” The only major difference – the company was staunchContinue reading “When the Premium Customer Experience isn’t so ‘Premium’”

Customer Success Strategies & Analytics should be part of all MBA Programs – Here’s Why.

Customer Success Matters in Business – MBA Schools are Taking Notice. Business schools today are recognizing the importance of customer success and customer marketing as part of a bigger business strategy. USF recently started offering an MBA program with a concentration on customer success and insights, further confirming the need for schools to put anContinue reading “Customer Success Strategies & Analytics should be part of all MBA Programs – Here’s Why.”

Customer Success: Key Learnings from Saastr Europa 2018

I just returned to San Francisco after an exhilarating two days at SaaStr Europa 2018 in Paris. What struck me most was the champion network that was being built everywhere I looked. People eager to connect and share their challenges and to share ideas on how to overcome them. On June 14th & 15th, approximately 1500 technologyContinue reading “Customer Success: Key Learnings from Saastr Europa 2018”