The Best Practices in Customer Success in 2018: Maximizing Revenue, NPS and Happiness [Video + Transcript]

If you missed @SaastrEurope2018, the Saastr team is releasing the sessions on YouTube so you can watch them now! While it doesn’t replace the real-life experience, the recordings give a glimpse into the event and cover the important topics at the event. “Often companies hire their 1st VP of Customer Success too late & soContinue reading “The Best Practices in Customer Success in 2018: Maximizing Revenue, NPS and Happiness [Video + Transcript]”

Accelerating and Scaling Customer Success in SaaS

In my latest blog, published on Vanilla Forums, I talk about how your customers are the key avenue for growth. How do you scale from one to many? You can learn more about the voice-of-customer and how to leverage customer communities to build stronger customer relationships, increase revenue and convert prospects. You can read theContinue reading “Accelerating and Scaling Customer Success in SaaS”

Rebuilding Your Customer Success Foundation

Recently, several companies have reached out to me to help them rebuild their customer success programs. Customer needs change, technology changes and your team & services need to keep up. This type of work is always rewarding for me. Since so many companies are struggling with this question, I decided to write a blog onContinue reading “Rebuilding Your Customer Success Foundation”

Company Strategy

Frameworks can help companies grow and build alignment cross-functionally. They contribute to better communication and understanding of company goals. We help companies with Strategy Frameworks for building teams, meeting goals, and identifying key opportunities:  OPSP: One-Page Success Plans OKRs: Objectives and Key Results KPIs: Key Performance Indicators SMART Goals: Specific (simple, sensible, significant). Measurable (meaningful,Continue reading “Company Strategy”

Executive Coaching

If you are seeking to grow out of your comfort zone, improve your public speaking skills and gain confidence as a persuasive leader, contact us today for a free consultation. “Emilia is one of the best CS leaders in the industry. Her approach to customer success and leadership is strategic, direct, and empathic, with aContinue reading “Executive Coaching”

Building a ProACTive Customer Success Team [Video + Presentation]

Dave Blake, Founder of ClientSuccess, invited me to speak at the inaugural #CS100Summit in 2016. I shared my story from the trenches at WalkMe. You can find the presentation and video below. Driving proactive customer strategies involves 3 major components: Proactive Customer Strategies Presentation Video Recording  

Managing Critical Hand-Offs in SaaS [Presentation]

I had the honor to speak at Pulse 2016 with Karen Pisha and Chad Horenfedlt. We agreed that establishing a working relationship between customer success and sales is essential for effective customer interaction. Communication, automation, and monitoring the transactions are all key component for smooth transitions and collaboration. Here is our presentation that we shared. ManagingContinue reading “Managing Critical Hand-Offs in SaaS [Presentation]”