Get the Most Out of the New CSA Website!


CSACustomer Success Professionals (CSPs) often find themselves constantly defending their roles and value at companies where customer success isn’t valued as equally important to Sales and other departments. It can be especially challenging to bring Customer Success (CS) to a new company and even harder to revitalize a group that stuck in ineffective, tedious ways of delivering customer outcomes. Thankfully, there many resources available to CSPs today.

The Customer Success Association has been a critical part of my learnings and growth in the customer success community. The founder and Executive Director, Mikael Blaisdell, is a recognized leading voice on the strategy, process, people, and technology of Customer Success, and has built a global community of thought leaders, eager learners, and discussion opportunities. I am personally excited to see the unveiling of the new website and resources that Mikael has launched for all of us to leverage. I am also proud to be a contributor to the CSA’s blog.

By joining the online LinkedIn community, The Customer Success Forum, 30,000+ members strong, and with the newly revised website, anyone can join to learn and engage in conversations around customer success, customer operations, and customer strategy. You can also learn about upcoming events, customer success technology and consultants, like myself, you can retain to help you design and build your customer success program.

Mikael Blaisdell, the founder of these two groups, has been an influential leader in customer success since 2006. He has been researching the growth and changing trends in customer success for over a decade. Thank you, Mikael, for inviting me to be part of your advisory group.

If you are seeking support as you build your customer success strategy, join the CSA, leverage their resources, and reach out to me for a free consultation on how Customer Growth Advisors can accelerate your growth. I will be working with Mikael in the coming weeks to publish more guides for CSPs seeking to start, grow and refine their CS organizations, programs, and processes.

Membership is in the Customer Success Association at either the Associate/free level or the Executive level — $95USD per year and gets you full access to the contents of the Customer Success Library.  


Access to the Customer Success Central blog is free for all; it does not require any membership.


Published by Customer Growth Advisor

Emilia D'Anzica is the founder of Customer Growth Advisors. The company was acquired by Winning By Design in December 2018. She is a senior technology business leader with nearly 20 years of delivering customer outcomes. Leveraging extensive comprehension of and talent for customer success transformation, Emilia is a valuable asset for tech, e-retail, recruitment, HR, communications, and telecom industries seeking expert assistance with digital transformation, building a customer success team from scratch, customizing professional services, creating exceptional company cultures, and establishing scalable operations and processes. Prior to launching her own consulting firm, she was the Vice President of Customer Engagement at WalkMe™ for three years where she built the customer success team and customer marketing team across four global locations. The team won a 2016 Customer Service Award from Stevie's as a result of her transformational work. Previously, Emilia served as a Director of Customer Success for both BrightEdge and Jobvite, scaling programs and teams globally. Emilia has been recognized as one of the “Top-25 Customer Success Influencers” and a 'Top 100 Customer Success Strategists' by Mindtouch. She was also recently named as one of the '7 most influential women in Customer Sucess'. Emilia has served as public school board member and part of a Parent Action Coalition in San Francisco, making a lifetime commitment to supporting public schools because it was those teachers who had the largest impact on her future. In addition, Emilia served on two SaaS advisory boards, Crowdvocate, and Catalyst, and has been on other boards over the past decade. Emilia holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), with Honors Distinction, from Saint Mary’s College of California. She focused on global strategy and competition. She attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Canadian Studies Major, and a Social History Minor, from the University of British Columbia. You can contact Emilia at

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