Interview with Emilia M. D’Anzica, VP Customer Engagement at WalkMe

MarTech Advisor’s Ankush Gupta conducted an interview with me for the upcoming CO:LLABORATE.  Read the original post here.

1. What about sales and marketing are you most passionate about?

Social Selling to Meet Customer Needs not your personal agenda.

2. How are you seeing sales ecosystems evolve?

Sales has been about accounts & numbers, but these two facets are no longer good enough. Shifting the mindset to viewing customers as customers and not merely accounts, building and maintaining relationships is the lifeline of Sales. With a subscription economy, a closed opportunity is not really ever closed. A sales is constantly changing, growing or churning and sales is deeply invested in the customer’s success post-sale because a customer’s success will predict whether the customer will continue to use the product or not, will become your advocate or detractor.

3. Where do you see sales professionals being stopped in exploring their full potential and accelerating conversions through partner channels? How will CO:LLABORATE push them to think out-of-the-box and break the silos to effectively grow their indirect channels?

Being around people who are obsessed with sales optimization, social selling, and bettering their craft will naturally inspire one to want more, and to accelerate their potential opportunities.

4. What are the steps companies must follow before investing in sales acceleration platforms that speed up their sales teams?

Find the biggest pain points in process, where the lost opportunities are occurring, and where employee productivity lies and then find the best solution from those key indicators.

5. What are some of the musts to equip your partner channels so they can function as efficiently as your employees?

Real-time guidance and support, success-kits, key differentiators.

6. How would you say the millennials have changed the outlook of sales teams towards channel marketing?

Of course. Millennial are tech savvy, maybe more impatient, have critical thinking skills and rely on social networks for referrals.

7. What are some of the vital checks companies need to perform before bringing in new channel partners?

Relevancy, what gaps will they fill – think languages, time zones, trust, relationships.

8. Why should CO:LLABORATE guests attend your session?

Without Customer Success, is there an opportunity to grow the customer relationship? Customer Success has never been more important in sales expansion because customer evangelism is an integral part of sales growth. Word-of-mouth success stories are the fastest way to more sales.

CO:LLABORATE provides inspired business leaders with the education, digital best practices, and networking opportunities needed to say goodbye to yesteryear’s channel sales and marketing strategies and hello to the next generation of connected selling.

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