We focus on Post-Sales Customer Success (CS) Strategies & Frameworks: From Cross-Functional Team Alignment to Effective Customer Marketing Programs.

Specialties Include:

1. Strategy Frameworks: OPSP, OKRs, V2MOM – Company and team Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measurements for Success.

2. Aligning Sales & Customer Success Teams: technology and communication strategies.

3. Channel Partner Success: Building and Scaling Programs – Onboarding to Supporting Partner Programs.

4. Scaling Global Customer Success Teams and Programs: Defining Key Metrics to drive adoption and expansion. Customer journey mapping from Onboarding, Customer Implementation and Deployments Programs to Renewals.

5. Customer Expansion: Communities, NPS, Events, Identifying key opportunities & relationships; Customer Engagement Marketing Strategies. Building results-driven customer advocacy campaigns.

6. Technology and Systems Guidance: Support, CRM, Digital Adoption, Customer Success & Applicant Tracking Platforms

7. Managing & Leading Global Organizations: Organizational Development, Conflict Resolution, Competition & Cooperation. Experience in Europe, India, Thailand, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Building Customer-Centric Cultures, Hiring Customer Success and Marketing Executives and Teams, Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and 1×1 Executive Coaching.

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