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Our services include customer success and account executive training and coaching, along with customer onboarding and growth playbooks. The team has led inspiring sales & customer success workshops globally.

Emilia D’Anzica is also an Interim Chief Customer Officer, a keynote speaker on everything customer success, and has spoken globally at conferences including SaaStr, Pulse, RD Summit and many more.

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Evolving Sales Kick-Offs into Shared Kick-Offs with Marketing & Customer Success

Emilia D’Anzica   |   September 2019 When I started my career on the brink of the new millennium, Customer Success really didn’t exist – at least as a career path. Today, Customer Success is not only the 5th fastest growing profession according to LinkedIn, but also where company expansion revenue is being generated at a faster pace. AccordingContinue reading “Evolving Sales Kick-Offs into Shared Kick-Offs with Marketing & Customer Success”

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