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When our company partnered with WalkMe I really came to appreciate Emilia and her team as they supported our efforts around digital transformation. Emilia’s leadership catalyzed immediate and meaningful change as we went through an accelerated implementation that was both technical and cultural across the organization. As a direct result of Emilia’s leadership, her team quickly earned the trust of leaders and decision makers across multiple workgroups allowing us to move through the learning and adoption curve in record time. Emilia is an excellent communicator and collaborator and I highly recommend her.

Scott Tweedy, Customer Sucess & Experience Visionary. Oct 26, 2018

Emilia is one of the best CS strategists in the industry. In November, she organized a workshop to my services team at RD Station in Florianópolis (Brazil) and it was really well done, with great insights that will help us improve our CS operation. Emilia deeply understands the customer journey, focusing on how to deliver real value to the customers. Also, her approach to leadership is strategic, based on all the professional experiences she already had. Emilia is also an excellent communicator and a very kind person. I highly recommend her for everyone who wants to lead the CS team to a next level!

Laryssa D’Alma, Client Services Director, Resultados Digitais. Nov 28, 2018

Emilia is the best CS leader I’ve ever encountered. She helped Indio implement significant structure and process into our CS organization in a very short period of time. She worked on the ground with our CSM reps while also building high level material and implementing process around Salesforce. In addition to helping us with our CS playbook, she’s also given us a blueprint of how we need to scale the organization into the future. Emilia will be a tremendous value add to any organization she works with.

Michael Furlong, CEO at Indio Technologies. June 7, 2018

As part of our Advisory Board at Crowdvocate, Emilia has been an integral part of our growth and market reach. I consult with her often regarding our expansion strategy, best practices, and market insights. From customer engagement to voice-of-customer, Emilia is a leading Customer Success strategist, and well connected in Silicon Valley. Emilia is always on board to support us as we build our community and the advocacy automation platform, and she assists Crowdvocate with a true passion for our success.
I highly recommend her to any company seeking to build and refine their customer success and marketing initiatives. She is metrics-driven, insightful, and not afraid to provide a counter opinion while viewing the big picture.

Co-Founder & CEO at Crowdvocate – customer engagement & marketing for the social enterprise. October 21, 2018

I had the opportunity to work with Emilia while I was implementing WalkMe for my learners at Amazon. She was the VP of Customer Engagement and she was instrumental in building the relationship between WalkMe and Amazon. More than that, though, she coordinated two spectacular events that helped build customer awareness and provided an opportunity to form useful relationships among leaders in training strategy. The digital transformation event in Seattle gave us an opportunity to have a meeting of the minds as well as broaden exposure for our businesses and brands. Additionally, the customer event at Dreamforce was geared perfectly for customers. Passing traffic was able to engage with the brand and learn as much as they wanted, seeing the power of WalkMe as implemented by partner brands. She coordinated speakers and presentation, arranging everything from top to bottom. As a speaker at that event, I was well taken care of and was impressed by Emilia’s professionalism and attention to detail. Since then, Emilia has become a trusted friend due to her genuine warmth. I can’t think of a more professional and capable customer experience professional.

Jared Garrett, Senior Instructional Designer at Amazon. June 2, 2018

I have worked with Emilia for several years both at BrightEdge as well as her role as VP, Customer Success at Walk Me. Emilia is an outstanding leader and manager. She readily identifies areas to use technology to scale and improve processes. While at BrightEdge she designed our end-to-end on-boarding process and then gathered feedback from customers so that we were continually improving our performance. She also designed and led our webinar program. Emilia has managed large teams and also been a high performing individual contributor in a number of successful start-ups. I highly recommend Emilia — any company is lucky to hire her and would be delighted to work with her again.

Lorna Henri Global, VP, Customer Success and Support at App Annie | Top 100 Global CS Strategist. December 21, 2016

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